• How to Pick the Best Hand Saw for Wood Working

    Want the best hand saw? Read through this guide to finding one so you don't waste your money on poor quality saws. When you go to buy a new hand saw there's a ton of things you need to consider. The best hand saw needs to have teeth that remain sharp for a long time, otherwise sawing through wood can become a tough and slow process. It should also be made from high quality steel that is very rigid, yet still able to flex when needed. The best hand saw for cutting wood, is not the same as for other materials so be sure to keep that in mind when you're shopping. Also, your budget will play an important role in helping you decide which hand saw to buy. Even though there are a lot of good hand saws around in the shops, you need to be careful if you want to get a good one perfect for your job because there are just too many to choose from! Below we will go over some of the best choices in our opinion. These hand saws have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by us, so we know what we're talking about.

    Stanley Fat Max Hand saw



    the stanley fat max hand saw is the number one choice, because it's made to be quality while also not too expensive. This saw is 15 inches in blade length and uses sharp tooth technology to cut 50% faster than a normal hand saw. this is the best hand saw in the reviews we've done. Because the stanley fat max is made from good hard steel, the teeth will stay sharp for a long time, 10 times longer than a regular saw. The teeth are also induction hardened for maximum efficiency when cutting through wood. As with any hand tool that you're using all day, ergonomics is important. Luckily this hand saw has a very ergonomic friendly grip designed to make sawing through wood comfortable to do for hours at a time. The blade on this hand saw is much thicker than usual to prevent binding, which is a very common issue when cutting through tough bits of wood. All in all, this hand saw is a fantastic option as far as budget conscious choices go!


    DeWalt Hand Saw



    The Dewalt hand saw is another great option that produces quality on a budget. As mentioned before, it's important that your hand saw is highly efficient when it comes to sawing through wood. Thankfully the DeWalt hand saw has a special design that allows it to cut through wood 50 percent faster than most saws, it does this by using a specially designed 3 cutting surfaces. This is with out a doubt, one the best hand saw for wood working. The steel on the blade is high quality, high carbon steel, and the teeth are also induction hardened which keeps them sharp, and stops them from getting damaged during use (for example if you accidentally saw into a piece of metal or nail). The handle of this hand saw is fairly ergonomic though not as ergonomic as the stanley saw. This is an all around good hand saw, which is hardy and should last you a long time. Perfect for use outdoors due to its rust resistant coating.